Our cocktails

Real cocktails are freshly shaken. Our unique combination of ingredients allows for real and natural flavors to be activated by shaking it yourself. As compared to pre-bottled and canned drinks, Mixour®’s convenient pouches preserve these high-quality ingredients flavors as freshly as possible, to ensure that true bar-quality cocktails are just a few shakes away!

powder lemon
made with real powdered fruits
your alcohol
of choice
ready in
30 seconds

The Sour line

A complex cocktail balancing sweet and sour from real fruits, topped with a majestic foam layer from free-range eggwhite.

classic sour

The original of the Sour line, one of the most popular cocktails globally. The balance between sweet, sour, and a slight bitter touch, topped with the foam from real free-range egg white.

strawberry sour

An explosive bar-quality Sour with a twist. Unique to the freshness of real strawberries and its distinctive natural color.

For a lighter and fresh experience try Tequila, Pisco, Gin, or white rum.

For a fuller-bodied experience mix with Whiskey or Rum